Stress Free Moving {Guest Post}

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I need to remember this advice when we begin moving again in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, especially with the holidays upon us, I can stay as stress free as possible while we settle into our new home!

Staying Sane While Moving Between Homes

Moving is exciting, but it’s also rather stressful. People tend to become so overwhelmed during the move that they just feel immense amounts of pressure and anxiety. Follow these tips to have a less stressful move this time around.

Take Time Off

Try to plan the move, if possible, for a fairly low key time at work, and then take a few days off. You’ll likely want to take off at least a day or two before the move, the day of the move and possibly the day after as well. You’re going to need this time to pack up, organize and just deal with the general steps of moving.

Make Lists

You might be paranoid that the movers are going to lose some of your beloved items, so keep accurate and detailed lists to maintain control. Mark each of the boxes, and note as they make their way through the doors and into the moving truck. Once you’ve arrived in your new home, check the items off of the list to denote that they have arrived.

Use Storage Units

Sometimes, it’s not possible to move directly from one house into another. The house might not be ready yet, or the sellers are not ready to move out of the space for another month. In that case, you’ll need to rent for a while or spend some time living with your family. Now, where are all of your items going to go during this transitional phase? Instead of cramming them all into a space that’s too small, simply rent a storage unit, like Dallas Texas Self Storage, for the time being.

Children and Pets

Two of your biggest worries are likely going to be your children and pets during the move. If possible, board your pets for the day, so they aren’t able to get out. When that’s not an option, keep them in a separate room while the doors are opening. For small children, hire a babysitter or ask a family member to help for the day.

Generous Time Limits

If you insist that the job must be completed within a few hours and that all of your items must be unpacked that very night, then you’re really going to stress yourself out. Remember, moving is a process, and it will likely take several days or even weeks to be settled in your new house.
Whenever the anxiety and stress creep up, remember that it will be worth it once everything is done and finished.

Author Bio:
Melisa Cammack is a busy mother of three young boys (with one little girl on the way), wife to one handsome man, and a freelance writer who loves writing health, travel, parenting and self-help articles. Though she is originally from Seattle, Melisa is currently living in Western Australia with her little family for the next few months due to her husband’s job, and is looking forward to going back to the States in December for a white Christmas, but is already dreading the 30+ hour flight.

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