Styling Facial Hair #FathersDay

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Ever since I’ve known Mark he’s had a thing for facial hair. I grew up with clean shaven men, so it seemed weird to me when Mark liked to sport around different facial hair styles. One of the first times we hugged, I remember his prickly whiskers tickling my neck. I remember just laughing at how they felt. 
Well over the years, I’ve let him experiment, without too much feedback. We have a saying here “it’s your hair, do what you want with it”.  Which means I can cut or grow my hair how I want it, and he can do the same with his, including facial hair. Just check out some of these different styles he’s sported!
Mark has obviously rocked out in some fun styles, and some crazy ones as well. The key for him, is having fun with it, and experimenting. I asked Mark for a few tips to share with you after he also tried out the H30 and H50 Razors from  Here’s what Mark had to say – 
– The number of blades doesn’t really matter. You need to find a razor that suits you, and then stick with it. (He found the 3 blade, H30, easier to use, while the 5 blade H50 was too bulky and missed a number of hairs).

– Shaving is all about Moisturizing.

– To avoid razor burn use the right moisturizer, facial or hair conditioner. I personally prefer and use Hair conditioner, and rarely if ever get razor burn.

– Apply the conditioner, then the shaving cream and shave away. 

– Remember to have fun with it, and try different experiments. If it doesn’t work out, you can always shave it all off, and regrow. 
So to all the Dads out there, if you’ve ever wanted to try growing some facial hair like Seneca Crane (Hunger Games), now you know how an expert facial hair artist gets his looks! Although, ps. Mr Crane’s was painted on…but go ahead, give it a try!
In a post about facial hair, I can’t help but also mention the Man Beard, recently made popular by Duck Dynasty. I am a fan of the show, but cringe every time I see those so called Man Beards. Mark has talked about growing his own Man Beard since we started the show, and I give him our usual response “It’s your hair, you can do what you want…..but don’t expect me to kiss you”.  
If you have similar feelings to my own, razors would make a great Fathers Day gift! One thing we do love about the H30 and H50, is their cost comparison. These blades are American made, comparable to the Mach3 and Fusion razors, but for half the cost.
*We received razors from to try out. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

12 thoughts on “Styling Facial Hair #FathersDay

  1. I do not like a man beard either! But I do like facial hair on my man. Thanks for sharing about these razors. I had not heard of them before. A perfect Father's Day gift indeed!

    1. right? Aren't they just so gross? I mean that's a lot of hair to clean, and then food around the mouth..just yuck. I don't mind a little prickle though.

  2. My husband loves using a certain razor to get a smooth shave. He's always used it and sticks with what he knows. I'll have to see if they have his razors on the website.

  3. Since my hubby couldn't have facial hair in the military he's "played" with every style known to man since then, haha! Glad to know it's not just him though 😉 Love your hubbies tips! 😀

    1. haha Nicole! Sometimes I just shake my head at him. Sadly, as I was putting this together, I realized we didn't take a whole lot of pictures (if any) of the more crazy styles he's tried.

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