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Wearing a stylish tee from Wee Blessings. ad

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One of my favorite times of the year growing up was back to school season. It meant shopping with my mom for new clothes. We’d all get one special outfit for that first day of school. I liked to have my own style, but really had no idea what I was doing. Now I still have no idea what I’m doing with my stylish tween, and can use all the help I can get. 

Wearing a stylish tee from Wee Blessings. ad

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As a mother, I love taking my kids’ shopping, but it can become so frustrating! This year when Venice entered middle school, I wanted her to go in with confidence and have no worries about the clothes she was wearing. So when Wee Blessing reached out to me about their family styling subscription I jumped aboard! 

Venice and I sat down together to answer the style survey. She picked her favorite colors, the types of clothes she liked or wanted to try, and included her favorite hobbies and extra-curricular activities, as well as the types of clothes she doesn’t like – dresses and skirts. As her Mom, I included the types of clothes we weren’t looking for, and my requirements – no sleeveless or leggings

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From this survey, a style professional went shopping for just the right clothes. It took a lot longer for the clothes to finally arrive, but I believe this was due to the company being fairly new, and revamping their backend system over the summer. So hopefully they’ve got it figured out now and future Wee Blessings should arrive in 2-3 weeks

At one point a stylist called us to discuss Venice’s style more in depth. What were we looking for, what did we want to stay away from? These types of questions were easier to discuss with a live person than to type out in the survey. Check out these cute clothes they sent!

Wee Blessing outfit for stylish tweens. ad

This first outfit is Venice’s absolute favorite. Mom and Dad find the shorts are bit – short – but they are perfect for lounging around the house, or going out for runs with Mom! Our stylist couldn’t have found a more perfect shirt for Venice than this one. She has a dream of opening a boutique in Paris, and this shirt speaks to that. 

Wee Blessings for stylish tweens. ad

This is my favorite outfit for Venice. The pants were something she needed, but they found a nice stylish pair with the cool side zipper. Venice loves this shirt as it’s in her favorite color – purple!

Wee Blessing for stylish tweens. ad

The third outfit in our Wee Blessing was this romper. Venice really wanted to try out a romper and see if it was something she would enjoy wearing. I was hoping they would send a more fall style romper with longer pants. The off the shoulder sleeves were not our favorite feature either.

Since this is a style subscription it runs like other services out there. You are sent 3 outfits in each box, you pick what you like, and then return what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep, but if you do keep every piece you save a little more money. 

What makes Wee Blessing different than other style subscription services? Well, it’s not just for one gender or age group! Wee Blessing focuses on the whole family. So whoever you’d like to get styled in your family – from the little littles all the way to Mom and Dad, everyone can get help from a professional stylist.

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