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I am in the process of moving. Hanging out at my parents. So in lieu of Menu Plan Monday today, I wanted to share a Snack for kids, that is helping kids in need!

My Bloggy Friend Eschelle from Mumfection, recently told me about this yummy little treat that is GREAT for school and office lunches that is peanut free, dairy free and even freezable. With so many kids having allergies, and schools making peanut free zones, this snack is awesome!

So what is it?  Sunrise Soya’s Super Squeezies desert tubes. They have omega-3 DHA in them and are made of soybeans! They taste like pudding tubes and her kids and daycare kids can’t seem to get enough of them. 

So what is really special about this Vancouver based company?  Well it is the fact that they have given Eschelle a chance to donate a LARGE amount of their product, on their behalf, to her local SMILE program and the families there. SMILE is an organization and support group for young parents in the Vancouver area from ages 13-24. Many of the families in the program have dairy and peanut allergies, so this snack is perfect for them!  There are also no preservatives, another concern of many parents these days.  
Delicious, good for you, allergy friendly, and two great flavors (strawberry banana, and chocolate fudge) make these a great addition to your grocery list. Even a treat that as a mom you’ll be sneaking around trying to eat so you don’t have to share with the kidlets. 

As a thank you to a great company trying to do well by its community we wanted to spread the goodness of this yummy health focused snack. Nothing better than seeing a company give back in the yummiest way possible!

If you want more information on the Sunrise Soya Company you can check them out at the following places:
Vancouver specific page:

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