Flour Tortillas {Foodie Friday}

Hosted at Home Maid Simple and Simple Living with Diane   Flour Tortillas Print Recipe   I really enjoy making tortillas from scratch! They taste so good. It took me all of summer and into the fall, but I have finally perfected them. All my previous tries ended with mini tortillas, but this time I […]

Foodie Friday – Chocolate Syrup

<a <span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>href</span>=”http://<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>homemaidsimple</span>.<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>blogspot</span>.com”><<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>img</span> <span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>src</span>=”http://i1192.<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>photobucket</span>.com/albums/aa339/<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>HomeMaidSimple</span>/<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>Foodiefridaymark</span>-1.<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>jpg</span>” alt=”<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>BWS</span> tips button” width=”125″ height=”150″ /></a> Hosted by Home Maid Simple and Simple Living With Diane Balch We still have not completed […]

Big Moving Event: Off Cut Studio Feature

Today on the Big Moving Event I am featuring Off Cut Studio’s Etsy shop. In my search for fun and unique shops I came across Off Cut Studio.  Cameron is a furniture designer and cabinet maker in Toronto.  I personally love his wooden bike fenders and Wooden skate guards.  Aren’t those just cool!  Too bad […]