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On top of all the craziness that comes with moving, our van decided to start over heating on us as well. We knew it was time for an oil change, but the over heating issue caused us to rush that sooner than we were planning.
Thanks to MOM – Motor Oil Matters – I felt well equipped to get my oil changed, and feel like it was done right without being scammed because I’m a woman.

You can print out your own checklist, and search for a MOM approved store near you on the Motor Oil Matters Website.

So I took the van in one morning, when I had originally planned some school shopping. No worries, I thought, this will be done quick. After we realized it would be taking at least an hour thanks to our coolant problem, I walked the kids across the street to the city park. We were there for about an hour when a manager called to let me know they found the problem, but they didn’t have the part. It was going to be another couple hours before they could get it from another store and put it in.
No problem I thought. Of course, school shopping was going to be postponed a day, but we live nearby, so we just walked home.
What was originally going to be at most a 1 hour oil change, turned into a 6 hour job of replacing our whole transmission. I am really grateful to Firestone though and their employees for keeping me up to date on our car situation. They made sure I knew what needed to be fixed to avoid future problems, and then took care of me and the kids. They even picked us up and brought us back to the store so we could avoid another walk during the hottest part of the day.
As for the oil change, although I wasn’t there during the process, they did tell me about their computer program that looks up the cars make, model and year so they will put in the right viscosity for each vehicle.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well our van drives now that the oil’s been changed and our radiator’s been replaced.

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*This post was sponsored by MOM. I was compensated with a gift card. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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