Teaching Phone Etiquette with Ooma Telo and a Sweepstakes

Ooma Telo is the smart home phone families love. #ad #HelloOomaSavings

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Who still owns a home phone? About 7 years ago we got rid of ours. It was expensive and we had smartphones after all. 

Then I had kids. And those kids started getting older. A recurring theme I heard this year from my 2 oldest was “I want my own phone! When can I get a phone?” To which Mark and I had always replied, “When you can pay for it”.

Teach kids phone etiquette with the Ooma Telo. #ad #HelloOomaSavings

The Ooma Telo, however, is an affordable option that allows kids the freedom to call their friends without using Mom and Dad’s minutes. The girls had finally resigned themselves to n-e-v-e-r having their own phone when I surprised them with Ooma. Chloe’s reaction was priceless! 

You mean it’s for me! I get a phone? And I can call people whenever I want to?! 

Well, yes for the most part. After a couple trial runs, I realized that because we have relied on smartphones for so long, with ready caller id, always attached to us, and limiting when the kids could make phone calls, I had neglected to teach them proper phone etiquette. So yes Chloe, you can call whenever you want to, after you study your etiquette.

Learn Phone etiquette with Ooma Telo #ad #HelloOomaSavings

Print these Phone Etiquette Reminders

You are probably wondering what makes the Ooma so affordable, and why I chose to go with their service after 7 years of no home phone. Well, it’s like this see. With Ooma Telo, after you buy the product ($99.99) the only thing you pay in service fees are the taxes which range from $4-7/month. Who remembers how much they paid for home phone service? Maybe you still have a home phone and are still paying those exorbitant fees along with your smartphones. 

Ooma Telo is the smart home phone families love. #ad #HelloOomaSavings

Ooma is not your average home phone, though. No, Ooma takes your home phone and turns it into a smartphone, with an online portal that allows you to check your call logs and voicemail from anywhere. With the Free Ooma App you can easily set call forwarding or just have the app ring when someone calls.

When you upgrade to the Premiere Plan for $9.99/month it turns your whole home into a Smart Home! Ooma connects to Amazon Echo, Nest Products, and smart Lightbulbs from Phillips and LIFX. Speaking of which, Ooma is currently running a Sweepstakes where you could WIN an Ooma Telo, one year of premiere service, a Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, and one LIFX Smart Lightbulb and Nest Thermostat. 


So I looked at what our current smartphone provider charges per month, and put that in Ooma’s calculator. In 3 years I would save $806 by using Ooma, and in 6 months it will have paid for itself! Now it’s your turn! Head to the simple calculator on Ooma then tell me in a comment what your savings are. Comments left on this post will be entered to win the Sweepstakes. 

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  1. It would pay for itself in less than 4 months and I would save $1346.73 which is definitely a nice savings. Thank you for the chance.

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