How I’m teaching my Kids about Kindness with Spin Kindness

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Every year, especially around this time, I see many posts of Random Acts of Kindness. Ideas to give, why we should give, etc. When I heard about Spin Kindness, I was on top of it so fast! The main lesson I have taken from my mother is to serve others – to give back, expect nothing in return (except a good feeling), and make the world a better place. 
So what is Spin Kindness?  It’s a new way for businesses to market their products while spreading kindness through the world. What better way to get someone to notice your product then by making the person smile through a random act of kindness (or maybe not even random!). 

I signed up to be a Kindness Agent, and you can too!  Shortly after signing up, I was sent my first kit – Boogie Love! This kit is all about spreading some relief during cold and flu season with things like Boogie Wipes (oh my goodness, the grape scent is ah-maze-ing!). 
Before I had a clear plan on how I was going to spin kindess with boogie wipes, a friend of mine asked if we could send holiday cards to her sisters. Earlier this year her sister lost her husband, after a long battle. Although I don’t know her sister, I wanted to join in sending some love. So thanks to Spin Kindness I was able to put together a little package of love. 
Then I found out one of my new and very good friends here had a child in the hospital with pneumonia and the rest were home sick with the flu! Talk about stressful. So my kids helped, and we made some cookies, and took another little care package over. This time we just left it on their steps to avoid spreading any illness. 
How can you Spin Kindness during cold and flu season? Here’s some ideas the kids and I put together. 

Purse Packs

A few plastic baggies, filled with boogie wipe samples and coupons to get some more. These fit perfectly into your purse so you can take them everywhere and give out as you see someone who needs it. This could be a mom at the grocery store, the park, the playplace, where ever you run into other moms, or even dads!

Random Spot bags

For this spin kindness bag, you want a little nicer bag, not too big though. Small gift bags are the perfect size. These you will take to one specific spot to leave (or hand out). This could be the post office, the library, the doctors office, dentist, airport etc. You get the idea!  Inside these we decided to put a couple more special items. Instead of sample sized boogie wipes, we included a full size boogie wipe pack in each. We also included personalized label clips to help keep binkies off the floor and labeled to avoid mix ups with other kids. This is not the season to be sharing germs. 

Waiting Rooms

I put together two waiting room bags. Both have little toys that can help small hands stay occupied, water bottles for mom to stay hydrated, granola bars, booboo covers (we totally love these here!), and of course more boogie wipes! If you’ve ever been in a waiting room with kids, it can become a handful. So next time I head to the doctors, I’ll bring along one of these bags to hand out to another mom who looks as frazzled as I’ve often felt. 

Teacher Packs

Where is the one big place our kids pick up the most germs? School of course! So many kids packed into a classroom. Running around, sharing pencils, playing tag. Germs are rampant here. I knew the kids teachers would appreciate these packs to help keep the germs at bay (as a teachers wife we tend to see many germs come home with him). These cute Jaq Jaq bird bags are fun and perfect for a teachers life. Inside we included a My Spot pad – for that one child who may have a hard time sitting still during the lesson – cards of encouragement to give to students as seen fit (hello passing on the kindness!), and of course more Boogie wipes!

The Postman

Living in North Dakota, I’ve really come to feel for our postman. Delivering mail all day long, and often times in the freezing cold and wind. The cold is hard enough, but adding in the wind? I just couldn’t imagine walking around to deliver mail in that. We decided to stuff a water bottle full of fun goodies. In went some boogie wipes, a cute little dog (because you know postman, dog…I shouldn’t need to explain this right?), and to help him warm up when he got home, a packet of hot chocolate. 

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How are you spreading kindness this year?

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