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Teva Neta – Hebrew for Nature’s Plants.  This is exactly what you will find in the etsy shop Teva Neta – 100% Natural ingredients in all their skincare and aromatherapy products. 
My journey in living a more natural life slowly began after having kids but it was until lat year when I partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World that I learned quite a bit more about chemicals found in our everyday products and the potential risks many of them have in their ingredients. 
Growing up I always just assumed that if we could buy it, it must be safe. I mean really, we wouldn’t be sold stuff that could harm us, or effect our health long term, right?  I tend to be a benefit of the doubt person, and like to believe the best in everyone. But I’m learning. Some products might be “safe” but they’re not the best. 
Don’t leave me – but it’s like comparing breast milk to formula. We all know breast milk is best, but formula isn’t bad either – just not the best. I won’t push you to breastfeed, and I won’t push you to use natural products, but I will tell you there are some benefits to using natural products in our everyday life, just like there are extra benefits that come with breastfeeding. 
The last time we moved, one of the first people I met and became friends with was Melissa. She was really nice and opened right up to me, pulling me in to our church family, and perhaps without her knowing it, made me feel loved. You may not know it, but in real life I’m pretty reserved and have a hard time “fitting in”. 
Melissa is the owner and creator behind Teva Neta. She is also a mother to 5 pretty amazing children who she home schools. Our kids are all about the same age, she just had one extra while I’m sticking to the 4 I’ve got for now.  A couple weeks ago she gave me a tin of her Lavender and Tea Tree Diaper Rash Cream to try out.
Lavender and Tea Tree Diaper Rash Cream
In case you can’t see it very well – here’s a run down on the ingredient list (I’m omitting the scientific names)
  • Shea Butter
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
Hello! I actually know what every single one of those are. Nothing else that’s it. She also sells a Natural Unscented Diaper Rash Cream – I bet you can guess that the ingredients list is just a bit shorter than this one. 
Now that I had this cream we had to give it a try. I gave up on store bought diaper rash creams a long time ago – like with my first born. She would get rashes that were just awful, and took a specialized cream a pharmacist gave me…that was only sold at that pharmacy because I believe it was a local product. It’s been a long time, but I’m guessing the ingredients must have been pretty similar to Teva Neta’s. 
I’ll refrain for your benefit and my child’s of omitting pictures here – but about a week ago Prince L started getting a rash. His are never terribly awful, but any rash down there is bound to be uncomfortable. So when I noticed it starting I grabbed our new cream, and applied just a small amount – it goes a long way! By the next diaper change I could already see a difference! That’s pretty impressive in my opinion. It normally takes at least a day before I see improvement using my go to Vaseline.

One extra thing I noticed with the Diaper cream is that the fragrance is also very minimal and what I would consider natural. It’s not overpowering like many scented things these days, but is rather subtle and pleasant. 

Diaper Rash Cream is not the only thing Melissa sells at Teva Neta though. Just check out all these natural products you can get!

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