Thanksgiving Traditions {Menu Plan}

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Growing up, Thanksgiving was a feast! Both of food and people. Many of our family friends had no family nearby, so we had them over to our house for Thanksgiving. I remember filling our Great Room with 3-4 long folding tables, plus one smaller table for the kids. You could hardly walk around there were so many of us gathered.

While we would wait for the main meal to be served, we always had a fun little contest.  H’or Doeves!  Everyone was allowed to bring 1 h’or doeve to enter the contest. Categories were set up by age group.  It was always so much fun. I remember one year I used my Roald Dahl cookbook, and made a hoagie sandwich look like a crocodile.

The past couple years we have really tempered it down, keeping it just to family.  As a part of that the h’or doeve contest got cut. However, this year, my sister is bringing it back!  I was just told this weekend though, so now I have got to pull something together fast. I’m feeling stuck….pinterest and foodie friday have given me way too many options.

This Bread Dough Cornucopia from the Jazzy Gourmet Cooking Studio would look amazing on anyy Thanksgiving table

I know my sister has a soft spot for Biscotti sinve she traveled to Europe. So I might try this Orange Anise Biscotti I found on pinterest

 While I personally love bruschetta inspired h’or doeves, like this Artichoke Bruschetta

In the meantime, I should probably figure out dinner for the rest of the week

Monday – Bsicuits and Gravy
Tuesday – Bean and Cheese Quesadillas
Wednesday – Chili
Thursday – Thanksgiving! My mom is doing the dinner. I’m making apple pie and these Pumpkin Dinner Rolls from Will Cook for Smiles

Friday – Dad’s birthday. Leftover Thanksgiving and hopefully some cherry Cheesecake
Saturday – Dinner at my parents
Sunday – Dinner at my parents (I love vacation!)

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions {Menu Plan}

  1. It was crazying in my family for thanksgiving. I had it with my family of 4 kids plus 10 first cousins. Being one of the youngest kids I always ate dinner in the hall way… I never made it to the adult table even when I was in college.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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