That one time my kids chose my outfits

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A few months ago my family decided to start a family “vlog”. Each week we are required to post a video. Sometimes it’s supposed to be specific, most of the time it’s just whatever we happened to do over the past week.

When we don’t post, we are punished – because when you are part of an awesomely cool family like mine, you can punish each other in good spirits without hurting anyone’s feelings. Take for example my oldest brother. He has vowed never to read The Giver – so when he missed posting a video one week, guess what punishment I doled out? That’s right, my dear brother is now going to read The Giver, and he’s not going to hate me for it. 
I was doing good ya’ll, until my computer decided to take 2 hours to upload my video and it posted 15 minutes after the deadline. My baby sister was in charge of punishments that week, and I was given the task of allowing my children to pick my outfits for 4 days in a row. 1 child per day. If you recall I’m working on Finding my Fashion – so this was going to be interesting for sure. 
I figured instead of just sharing with my family, I’d let you in on the fun too. Following are the outfits my kids had me wear this week. I think the real punishment in this exercise is learning that some of my children have better style sense than I do, but they could use some photography classes.
Day 1
Outfit chosen by Princess R – 4 years old
On Monday I sported an old t-shirt from Mark’s years at USU, and a nice comfy pair of Gloria Vanderbilt shorts. Due to time limits that morning, we never got around to picking out jewelry. 
Day 2
Outfit chosen by Prince L – 2 years old
 (and Mark because little Prince really didn’t care)
On Tuesday I wore a brown skirt (that I think might be shrinking), a light blue/green undershirt, with a plaid button up my other sister gave me for Christmas last year. Oh and low pig tails in the hair. 
Day 3
Outfit chosen by Princess C – 6 years old
A dress it is! My little black dress. OK maybe it’s an old maternity dress that still fits me nicely because it’s made out of a stretch fabric. Today we also got fancy and put in some big hoop earrings, and wore a hot air balloon necklace. Here’s a little better view of the earrings. I’ll be honest, this was the day I was most worried about. As we looked through my jewelry box, I thought for sure the tiara from my wedding day was going to end up on my head all day long. We got lucky there. Awe, footwear! She knows what I like, and my flip flops were just fine by me to wear (even if these ones need to retire). 
Day 4
Princess V – 7 years old
Let’s look past me sticking my tongue out, mmkay? This was the best photo taken. At least I’d prefer you see my tongue instead of weird half open eyes. 
Truly though, I would love if this girl picked my clothes every day of the week. What a cute fall outfit she chose! 
I’m wearing an orange maxi skirt, cute striped shirt, and black bolero. 
Wait what’s on my wrist you say? Oh you know, just a blue snowflake bracelet. Don’t you think it matches the blue flip flops nicely? I also wore a beautiful sliver necklace with a prayer box (I think that’s what it is) with an evil eye charm that my mother in law brought back from a trip to Turkey one year. 
I KNOW you all want to recreate these styles now, so I’ve put together a collection for you over on Resultly (it’s like pinterest, but makes it easy to buy from!)
Now these aren’t the exact products I’m wearing, because most from my closet are pretty old, but it is the closest I could fin to still create some stunning outfits. You will find an almost exact replica of the Hot Air Balloon necklace on here though.

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    1. See I'm really doing him a favor. Something along the lines of my mom trying to get him to read it in middle school, and so he vowed then to never read it. Which is just silly ;P And you're right, I got off way easy on my punishment.

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