The 6 B’s Lesson 3: Be Smart #FamilyHomeEvening

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I really enjoyed putting this lesson together for the kids. It had started with an idea to start the girls on a class from Craftsy, but I soon found they didn’t really have anything quite at my kids age. (Great adult classes though, by the way).

So I got to thinking, and decided have a couple mini classes for our lesson.

Opening Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light. Childrens hymn book 177

We began the lesson by reviewing the first 2 Be’s, and then asked if they could remember the next Be on our list. When I introduced the topic of Being Smart, we had a nice discussion on what it takes to be Smart.

Princess C: Scientists are Smart!

Yes they are. And how do they get to be so smart?   *crickets*  They had to study and go to school. They had to work hard and pay attention to their teachers. Would you girls like to be smart?  


The perfect lead in to our mini classes. Mark began as our first teacher in “Music Class”. He found these flash cards of all the music notes, and a “cheat” guide for the kids. They have done amazingly well at remember most of the notes, and with more practice they will have these down with no problem

After the Music Lesson, we moved to the kitchen for baking class. I became teacher and Mark took over the camera and keeping Lincoln happy. For this class, I thought it would be fun if we made our FHE refreshments – a quick, though involved recipe for Peanut Free No Bake Cookies
We talked about reading a recipe, and how when you are really smart you’ll be able to create your own recipes. Then we took turns adding, mixing and shaping the cookies.

There were points during the baking lesson that some of the kids were a little bored waiting for their turn, or we had to wait for butter to melt, and liquid to boil. At these points Mark took one girl at a time for a Math Lesson.
Math was real simple for Princess V and Princess C, and was more directed to helping Princess R.  Here I used our Teach My kit train number cards. See there was a train carrying numbers, but it crashed. We need to help put the train back together in the right order.

 I didn’t get to see Mark teaching the girls this little lesson, but I could hear them having a lot of fun. Once the cookies were cooling, we moved on to our last lesson, and the one I consider the most important for lifelong learning – Reading.

Again I pulled out our Teach My kit, and used Books 1, Book 2 and Book 7 for this lesson. Books 1 and 2 go through the letters and the sounds they make. Book 7 is a beginning reader. I handed this one to Princess V and had her read it to us. She struggled just a little, but really enjoyed being so involved in this lesson. After Princess V read it, we tried Princess C to see if she could remember the story, and learn to read in the process.

Closing Song: I am a Child of God
Refreshments before bed.

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