The 6 B’s Lesson 6: Be Prayerful #FamilyHomeEvening

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“You need His help, and you know that you need His help. You cannot do it alone. You will come to realize that and recognize that more and more as the years pass. So live that in good conscience you can speak with the Lord. Get on your knees and thank Him for His goodness to you and express to Him the righteous desires of your hearts. The miracle of it all is that He hears. He responds. He answers—not always as we might wish He would answer, but there is no question in my mind that He answers.”
– Gordon B. Hinckley November 2000
Opening Song: Children All Over the World (Children’s Song Book pg 16) This is a fun opening song the kids will love while teaching them to say Thank You in many different languages. 

Lesson:  We started the 6 Be’s series with Being Grateful, what better way to end then learning to Be Prayerful where we can offer our thanks to God who gives us all we have?   This lesson is intended to teach young children the basic outline of a prayer.  In the LDS church when we pray, we believe our Father in Heaven listens to us, and that He wants to really hear from us – so our prayers are not rehearsed but rather from the heart.

There is no better place to start teaching then with an outline. I remember as a child learning this simple order of prayer from my parents.

  • We must first address who we are talking to – Heavenly Father. 
  • Next it is important to recognize His hand in our life. Think of all the things you have and give gratitude to the Lord for those blessings. 
  • Now that we’ve thanked Him, we can ask for other blessings. Perhaps you or a loved one have been sick, maybe your child has a big test coming up, or maybe you just need a little extra help being happy. When we ask with sincerity of heart He will help us. 
  • Finally close in His son’s name Jesus Christ, and end with an Amen. This is because Christ is our Savior and the one who will intervene on our behalf at the judgement seat. 
I put together this simple outline that can be printed out, framed and placed near your child’s bed to help remind them how to pray, and to be sincere about it. 
Download the Prayer Printable
Closing Song: Family Prayer (Children’s Song book pg 189)

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