The Chameleon by Merrick Rosenberg

What personality are you? Dove, Owl, Eagle, Parrot?

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I received The Chameleon for review from The Cadence Group. All opinions are 100% my own thoughts.

Do you have a personality? Do you know someone with a personality? It was the subtitle “Life-Changing Wisdom for anyone who has a personality or know someone who does” that got me to pick up The Chameleon by Merrick Rosenbeg. 

About The Chameleon:

Laugh and learn through twenty-two entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your lifestory. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, four unassuming birds play the roles of the personality styles. The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new heights of understanding yourself.

Join an Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl in their enlightening journey as you learn to Capitalize on your strengths, deepen your most important relationships, enhance your career, and live a more fulfilling life. 

What personality are you? Dove, Owl, Eagle, Parrot?

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened The Chameleon. I thought maybe it would be like reading about INFJ’s, etc, type personalities. Would I really learn more about myself, and be able to improve my own life through the book? I wasn’t sure, but everything is worth trying if it could improve ourselves. 

So I started reading. The Chameleon is separated into 4 sections, differentiated by the 4 seasons. The fables of the birds were written simply, so anyone can understand and not miss the meaning. What I truly enjoyed in the book were the chapters following the fables. The Chameleon’s wisdom taken and applied to my actual life. 

To my utter delight, I did find many useful bits of wisdom that have helped me lower my anxiety over situations I can’t control, and learn the language of my family so I can speak in ways they understand. Never did I identify with just one bird, though. Rather with each story, I found myself seeing qualities of each of the birds in my own personality. I’d almost say instead of the bird, I’m more like the chameleon – adjusting to my surroundings.

Check it out! What Bird personality will you identify more with?

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