The Closet Project {Think About It}

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Today I’m throwing a challenge your way. Think about it, and if you feel like helping, act on it!

While perusing facebook, one of the bloggers I follow – Eat Pray Read Love – sent out a search for help getting the word out about her Closet Project. Normally I love to jump into these little challenges, spread the word, get people motivated at changing their lives. So I was all set to hear more, when the words “human trafficking” bore down on me.

Can I write about that here? On my nice clean, family friendly blog? I decided, quickly, that yes I could. Because it’s a problem becoming more apparent and talked about right here in America. It’s an ugly problem. One most of us might like to turn a blind eye to.

Human trafficking.

Surely not in America. That’s a 3rd world problem. There are charities and missions that go help them.

And then we turn our heads, close our eyes, and miss that it’s happening right here. 

The truth of the matter is, it’s all around us. Raising 3 daughters this scares me. So for me, and for them, I will be taking Kelli’s Closet Challenge. 

What is the challenge?

Simply put, we are “Paring down to Step up”.  Here’s what Kelli is asking –

Go through your closets. Pare down. What don’t you wear anymore? Does it fit, will it ever fit again? Do you even like it? 

Once you have a pile to remove from your closet, you can do two things. Try and sell the clothing and donate the money to an organization that helps stop human Trafficking.  Or donate them to a women’s shelter, or other organization that helps women in need. Step up.

I will be attempting to sell my clothes, and whatever money I receive I will be donating to the International Rescue Committee.  Not only do they support anti-trafficking, but they also have campaigns to end child soldiers, domestic violence, Refugees, and many other Humanitarian causes across the globe.

Think About It
I realize this is probably not what you expected to read here today. It’s not something I thought I’d ever be writing about. But the more we turn a blind eye, the more we are allowing this crime and others like it seep into our homes.

Human Trafficking is the bottom of the slippery slope. How did we get here? What are we doing to stop it? What are we unintentionally doing to aid it? 

I can’t answer the first 2 questions I put forth, but the last one I have a pretty good idea. Just look at Hollywood. Have you read about or tried any of the new fad diets? As a teen, did you know someone that would do anything..ANYTHING…just to be liked?  I know I did (know someone that is…)

How easy would it be to coerce a lonely teen into thinking they were loved, until slowly, they find themselves enslaved. Being pimped out, and unable to get out of it. It is estimated that 100,000 children are trafficked every year, with the average “1st time” age being 13 (source). That’s an average, meaning there are even younger children being exploited! These kids eventually turn into adults that still don’t know how to get out. They need our help!!

Remember, going down is always easier then going up. So let’s band together and give a helping hand to those effected by human trafficking. We can be the ladder that brings some of these women and children back to the top of the mountain.

I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s Think About It Thursday. Will you join me in Kelli’s Closet Project?

 If you need help finding a local group to donate to, let me know, and I’ll find one for you.

3 thoughts on “The Closet Project {Think About It}

  1. I have been following reports of revisions in laws in the US to prosecute the Johns as opposed to the unusually underage and trafficked prostitutes. I think supporting changes in laws will be helpful in ending this in the US.

    1. Definitely Diane! Supporting law changes that help prosecute the traffickers will help too. I haven't had time to really look into the laws yet. I just did a basic search in our state. I was completely blown away at how big a problem it is here. One advocacy group actually shut down, and stopped helping victims because of the many death threats they were getting.

      I'm just hoping that in some small way I can offer support and hope to women and children effected by this.

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