The Day That A Ran Away by B.C.R. Fegan

The Day That A Ran Away

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The Day That A Ran Away

While Mrs. May is checking her students’ homework, she notices that Jet hasn’t managed to write down the letters of the alphabet. Instead of providing a familiar excuse, Jet offers Mrs. May an elaborate story about how every letter happened to leave his page while he was walking to school that morning.

The Day That A Ran Away clearly and cleverly moves through the alphabet from A to Z. Each page has a number of items to find and the simple rhyme on each page will help readers remember the letter sequence. The story also touches gently on the concept of homework and the importance of making an effort.

About B.C.R. Fegan

Raised on a small hobby farm, only minutes from some of Australia’s greatest beaches, Fegan grew up inspired by the power of nature’s ambience. His ravenous appetite for both reading and writing soon saw him drawing on the transformational influence of this world around him to craft short stories, poems and picture books.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen, Robert Frost, CS Lewis, Lord Tennyson, and Charles Perrault, Fegan began weaving his own magic, piecing together his own phrases and crafting his own worlds. Agonising over plots that would inspire, characters that would be loved and circumstances that would delight.

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Our Thoughts on The Day That A Ran Away

Just in time for school to get underway, The Day That A Ran Away is both an inspiration to get homework done, and pages filled with things to find. We have absolutely enjoyed reading this book over and over and discovering new hidden objects on each page. The bright colors have had Harold entranced, which is awesome because he will not sit still and look at books let alone let me read them to him. 

The Day That A Ran Away

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