The Green Earth Pan from Ozeri

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After talking to the people behind Healthy Child Healthy World, I’ve been a little more conscious about what chemicals we are exposing our family to.  It wasn’t until Ozeri contacted me that I hadn’t taken a second thought to all my non-stick cookware.

Who doesn’t  love non-stick pans?  They make cooking, especially with kids, quick and easy. Since I’ve started using my Green Ozeri pan, I had to do a little more research into what exactly is up with PTFE and PFOA.

Let’s start with the word Teflon. If you cook, you’ve heard of Teflon. Just about anything non-stick is coated in teflon – that’s what makes it non-stick after all.  So what is Teflon?  The chemical name for Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene aka PTFE.

As far as I have been able to tell, PTFE itself is pretty safe, unless heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  The real issue from Teflon coated cookware comes from the PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid which is a chemical used to make Teflon.

PFOA has been linked to cancer in lab animals and thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and infertility issues in people. The kicker though, is as far as studies have gone PFOA is not actually leaking out of your Teflon coated cookware into your food. However again, if heated at high temps some fumes can be released which may give you flu like symptoms.

With all my research, it seems like our cookware is probably safe, but I’m still excited to be using our new Ozeri pan. Unlike Teflon coated pans, Ozeri uses Greblon Ceramic coating from Germany to get a top of the line, but eco-friendly non-stick surface that is completely PTFE and PFOA free.

I am really in love with my Green (in color too!) Ozeri pan. It truly is a non-stick surface. The company suggests still using a small amount of oil in your pan, to help season it, but you can cut the amount down pretty well. I haven’t used any oil in my pan yet though, and it’s doing just fine. 
I was also impressed with the depth. Most of my frying pans are pretty shallow, but the Ozeri is almost twice as deep, which helps in cooking for my whole family. 
Since we still want to protect the coating on the pan, you should not use any metal utensils on the surface or store other pans on top of it. Also keep the heat around medium or lower for a good even heating that doesn’t break down the ceramic coating. 
To top it all off, the pan is extremely easy to clean as well! You don’t want to put this pan in the dishwasher, but a little soap, water and a quick wipe with a rag and your pan is clean. 
Chicken Egg Sandwich
2 slices Multigrain Bread
Miracle Whip or Mayo
tomato, sliced
breaded chicken
1 egg
Fry up the chicken until cooked through. While frying, spread some Mayo on one side of each slice of bread. Top one bread with lettuce and tomato as desired. Add the cooked chicken to your sandwich and fry up an egg. I personally love them runny, but Mark likes them cooked through. Enjoy! This sandwich is delicious! If you want a little extra yumminess, add some cheddar cheese to the hot chicken (I didn’t have any on hand today)

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