The Path of the Fallen by Dan O’Brien {Book Review}

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The Path of the Fallen
by Dan O’Brien
About the Book: The world is broken. The coming of the Intelligence pushed the remnants of humanity deep into the tundra. What remained was a vast sea of ice and the machine city, Culouth. E’Malkai Armen, descendent of the Fallen, has been a citizen of Culouth his entire life. A bitter betrayal, and the inception of a war that will destroy millions of lives, forces E’Malkai to confront the past and undertake a pilgrimage that is his by birthright. As he travels to the cold tundra of the north, the realm prepares for war. The Path of the Fallen is a lonely and arduous path, but it must be walked for the sake of all mankind.
About the Author: A psychologist, author, philosopher, freelance editor, and skeptic, Dan O’Brien has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Portent, The Path of the Fallen, Book of Seth, and Cerulean Dreams.  He also works as an editor at Empirical, a national magazine with a strong West Coast vibe.
My Thoughts: When I first got this book, my thought was “That is a BIG book”.  I haven’t picked up a book that thick in quite some time.  I have some mixed feelings about The Path of the Fallen. I feel it has a very strong storyline, but it is lacking in areas. I think the author has assumed too much of his readers, and leaves out some pertinent information. I do enjoy when the author lets the reader imagine what happens, or lets us infer an emotion. Mr O’Brien seemed to allow too much of that in this book for me.
I quite thoroughly enjoyed the concept behind the book. It’s a different take on life, death and the creation of mankind. It’s a book we can all relate to in reference to life, and what things are most important to us. What are we willing to sacrifice for the greater good?  What darkness may have a hold on our hearts?  Can we let go of that? Are we good enough to give all, whether we truly know what it is we’re giving?
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