The Power of a Smile

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Have you ever noticed how one person’s smile can change your day? It could be from your neighbor, your friend, your children, your mother to the cashier, waitress, or mailman. Smiles are truly powerful little muscles on our face.


A smile can say many many things, but here are 4 powerful messages I read in a person’s smile.


When someone smiles at me, I feel loved. To me a smile is like giving a hug. We can’t go around hugging everyone that needs one (though you would be awesome in my book if you did), but we can give smiles out freely.


A smile gives someone strength. We have this greeter at Walmart who always welcomes us with a smile and stickers and suckers for the kids. His smile gets me through the store in one piece, especially when I’ve got all the kids tagging along.


Smile’s are often given out, but by giving yourself a smile. Working those muscles out for you, you giving yourself courage. There’s the phrase “grin and bear it”, which tells us exactly this.


A smile from a loved one, reminds me that I’m safe with them. I can talk to them and be myself. When you give a smile, you let someone know they can feel safe around you.

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See, I told you smiles are powerful! Sometimes though, we may not want to open up because we’re embarrassed. We may feel our smile judged like Yzma’s was by Kuzco. By nature humans have a tendency to judge, and the last thing we want is our powerful smiles to be in this spotlight. I took Colgate® Optic White® Express White toothpaste for a test drive, and WOW! With 2x more whitening power (vs Optic White® Sparkling Mint® TP), I was blown away with the results.


Whose teeth are these?! As you can see, I don’t have the straightest teeth in the world, but I came to terms with that a long time ago. The yellow however, often had me closing my mouth, too scared I would offend instead of uplift.

I know the power of smiles, so it’s time we use that!  I printed out some of those SMILE cards above, and we headed back to Walmart to spread some love. Princess R helped me, and we left some smiles around for other customers to find. We started of course with our greeter, and ended sharing more than just smiles with some kids in need.

After Walmart we headed out to give one more smile to someone unexpectedly. Mark eats a lot of microwave noodles for lunch, and sometimes it’s soda and a poptart. We sent a quick text “Are you busy? Do you want a sandwich? We’re Outside!” He ran out to meet us with a big grin, and we reciprocated with a smile, a card, a sandwich and an apple.


Spur of the moment world changing power going on right there folks! Honestly I really should be better at sending him with lunch…we’re working on that.

Next time you’re at Walmart, spread some smiles, and pick up your own bottle of Colgate® Optic White® Express White. On 2/28 select stores will have roaming demo’s and $1 Off coupons – see if your store is on the list.

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How will you change the world with a smile today?


9 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile

  1. I love what you said about the messages you get in a person's smile. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  2. I loved reading your blog post about the power of a smile and how you mentioned 4 powerful messages that a person’s smile can say. I loved reading about the greeter at Walmart who always greets people with a smile. I’ve also heard of the famous quote “A smile is like giving a hug.” That was such a powerful quote and really helped me visualize how a smile can truly be a hug. Dentist North Shore

  3. delina, your post beautifully captures the power of a smile. It’s a simple yet profound gesture that can spread love, strength, courage, and safety. Your idea of leaving smile cards is heartwarming, and your smile initiative is inspiring!

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