Thirft Store Find {Wordless Wednesday}

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On Saturday we headed to the thrift store to see if we could find any winter gear for the kids. We’ve got quite a bit of snow, and wanted to go sledding.
We didn’t find any of the gear we needed (snow pants and boots), but we did walk away with this desk! I’ve been wanting an old school desk for the girls to do homework on, but never had the luck of coming across one. I saw this, and knew I was going to leave with it, and redo it. That was when it was covered in snow. Once I brushed the snow off I found a chalkboard top, and already repainted seat. It was ready to go right inside.
As you can see, the Princesses really enjoy working at it, and playing around it. I’ve been struggling to get Princess C to do any of the preschool books we bought lately, but now she looks forward to it. Having a special space for her has made all the difference!

Want to know how much I paid?  $8

One thought on “Thirft Store Find {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. Now you need a little box with pencils, crayons, chalk and scissors to keep on one side of the rack underneath. It is so important to have everything you need close-by when you are working on something.

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