Thoughts on Moving {Guest Post}

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I have moved so much in my life that I just can’t take it anymore.  I went to three different elementary schools as a kid and went through about six different places on top of that.  Thankfully once I got to high school I was old enough to commute to school.  Much like my last year of school where I commuted from North Burnaby all the way to the top of the British Properties in West Vancouver…. When did I wake up??  4am every day, just to get ready and get on the 5am bus to get me to school on time.  I had a choice, either a half hour early or a half hour late.

To this day I still move, in fact I will be moving again in a month here.   I think the main issue is the economy right now and the fact that I rent and we’re so low income.  Thankfully our money situation will be changing but up here in Vancouver B.C. you are still low income… the price of living is insane.  I am going to be moving into a three bedroom apartment at 1100/month, nothing included.

Guess what??  That is SOOOO CHEAP!! You can’t find three bedrooms at this price; the fact of the matter is… I live in the “ghetto” of North Burnaby.  Average prices for a three bedroom in this area are in the 2000 range usually.  When you live here in Vancouver B.C. you get to the point where you understand you will never own a home here, you’re a renter for life. Though that may be sad sometimes, what I can tell you are the prices of homes up here vs. how they look is appalling especially if you look out of country to compare prices and homes.  I can own a celebrity home for the same price it would cost me to own a crack shack in some horrific neighborhood here completely beyond me.  This city is gorgeous but not at these prices, places in the states are gorgeous for a lot cheaper!

What am I getting at??  We’re making another great migration and I am hoping it will be at least the second to last place we will ever live as a family.  I am so tired of moving, I know my hubby is tired of moving our couches, soon he will be tired of moving the kids beds etc… our plan is to never move again until the boys are big enough to help with the move, in a decent way too dresser lifting and TV lugging kinda way.  So here is hoping that for all our moves, we’re taking strides to “better-ness” to something bigger and filled with even more love.  For every home is like a new fresh beginning…. And my closets really did need to be organized.  I certainly didn’t see me doing that anytime soon lol!

Eschelle Westwood is the writer of and is a dedicated young mother to two wonderful, though mischievous at times, boys.  Social media marketer, blogger, daycare provider, mother and partner you can find her on twitter @Eschelle and Mumfection on Facebook!

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