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How to throw a Fancy Dinner Party, simply

Last weekend the older girls were invited to a Stay Late, or Late Over – whatever you call it when you don’t allow sleep overs. Princess R was just so sad that she did not get to go, and even more sad when I informed her that her little friend was not coming to our house for a stay late either. Instead I promised she could help me throw a fancy dinner party for Dad and little Prince.

She and I had so much fun putting this together. Her favorite color is blue, so the turquoise table runner and turquoise beaded charger plates from Smarty Had a Party just lit up her day. At 4 years old, now is a great time to be teaching her how to properly set a table. 
Thanks to Smarty Had a Party, our table was set up quickly and beautifully. All we had to add was our menu and a little cute centerpiece with these LOVE blocks.

Smarty had a Party with a gorgeous table runner, and simple centerpieces
The menu was easy peasy. We started with a Strawberry Salad – aka Fresh Strawberries because it just doesn’t get any better than that! Then enjoyed some Zucchini Crust pizza (real life here, we had take out pizza on standby, and it was much appreciated). For a beverage we made some Brazilian Mango Lemonade. 
Throw a Fancy Dinner Party for the little people in your life.
We had such a fun night the 4 of us. Once dinner was over, we all cleaned up together, then put on a movie. The clean up was simple, just like the decor, because just about everything was disposable. Those utensils? Plastic! Stemware? Plastic! Truly the perfect product to have a dinner party with the littles. 

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