Tips for Choosing Gifts for Your Husband

tips for choosing gifts for your husband.

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Valentines Day is right around the corner, and so is my husbands birthday. The time for choosing gifts is at hand! Here’s a little secret though, I’m not very good at picking out gifts.

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I really struggle with this. Not because I don’t like giving gifts, but finding the perfect one is always hard. We want to find our spouse something they will love, will use, and tells them how much we love them. That’s a whole lot to be asking for though!

Perhaps you struggle with this too? I can only assume you do, which is why you ended up here. Our problem is our passion. We love so much, and want that adequately expressed when choosing gifts. So step one for us all, is to let go of perfection.

Let Go of Perfection

When choosing gifts, let go of the idea of a perfect gift. ad

If we get hung up on finding the “perfect” gift, we will never get a gift. We may find ourselves so frustrated that we end up buying something just to buy something that has no sentimental attachment at all. So now that we can let go of finding the perfect gift, let’s figure out how to find a perfect gift without the expectation.


Learn what your husband wants by listening to him. Then choose gifts accordingly.

Part of choosing a gift for someone is actually knowing that person. In a marriage with children, it’s really easy to get into a day to day routine. He gets up and showers, and goes to work. You get up send kids off to school, and clean house, work, and make meals. He comes home, you eat, play a family game, or watch a movie. Then you all go to bed. Before you need to choose a gift again, take time to really listen to your spouse. Not just their words, but their body language and daily routine. Listen to what excites them, and brings them joy in their daily routine.

Write a Dream List

Have your spouse write a dream list, then use it for choosing meaningful gifts year round.

If you are still struggling to choose a gift after listening to your spouse, invite them to write a dream list. I’ve been writing a list of 100 things I would like to do, see, accomplish in my life. The more things that are added the more I’ve realized what a perfect gift list this also is. If anyone wanted to gift me something that meant something, they would just have to read through that list. Having your husband write a list serves two-fold – you get a list of potential perfect gifts, and he gets to dream some.

Give Them Time

Choosing gifts doesn't have to be hard - just spend some time together.

If all else fails and you just can’t find the right gift, just give them your time. From my experience, a day or night where you give all your attention to your husband, will mean the world to them. Grab a babysitter for the kids, and if you can finagle it, make it an overnight sitter. Spend the whole day letting your husband choose what you do, where you eat, and then end the night either out at a hotel, or back home if the kids are elsewhere. Trust me, your husband will love this.

When it comes down to it, as long as you choose a gift for your husband with love and the desire to see him happy, any gift you choose is going to be the perfect gift. Of course there is always just asking your husband what he wants as well – open communication and all that.

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