Tips for an Inexpensive Kids Bedroom

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Hey everyone, I’m Steph from Crafting in the Rain, and I think it’s so fun that Adelina has asked me here to share my girls’ room with you! 


I almost feel like I should give you a couple of disclosures before I jump in here.  What I’m going to show you is not a high end, designer bedroom shopped from a catalog.  It’s also not a knock-off, DIY, cheaper version of previously mentioned $$ bedroom.  I have my fair share of complaints about the room even…(eventually we want to scrape ceilings, replace carpet and baseboards, paint everything, and I wish it was bigger)  


BUT, I feel like this can be a very useful post because I’m going to show you how we are using the space the best we can, and with cheap or free storage solutions that anyone should be able to come up with.  Additionally, these pics were all taken with my phone because by the time I thought about getting out my real camera, the girls had come home from school and it didn’t look quite as good anymore 😉

Ok, here we go.


Storage solution 1: Boxes, boxes, boxes

In the girls’ room we have boxes from Ikea, magazine file boxes, random cardboard boxes that have been decorated with colored Duck Tape, shoe boxes, and a few plastic boxes. When possible, use boxes with lids so they can be stacked. 

What they hold: small toys, craft supplies, “treasures,” school papers, jewelry

Storage solution 2: Wall mounted bookshelves

Use as much vertical space as possible in a small room (I’d like larger shelves here soon) I made these bookshelves a few years ago when I first started blogging, so the pictures aren’t great, but here’s where I posted about them. The bunk was also against this wall, so the placement isn’t ideal now.

What they hold: Books that the girls are currently reading, journals.




Storage solution 3: Bookcase 

There are two bookcases in the room…one at the end of the bed, and one turned on its side under the wall shelves.  At the end of the bed, most of the before mentioned boxes hang out. The sideways one has 3 baskets in it that hold the majority of the girls’ books.  The baskets keep the books more contained than just trying to line them up next to each other.

What they hold: Boxes, books

Storage solution 4: Use under bed space

Remember having to clean your room as a kid, and you’d get busted for just shoving stuff under your bed?  I say set your kids up for success and use that space!  There are several options too…you can build your own wood boxes with wheels, buy plastic under-bed tubs, or take cardboard boxes and cut them down shorter so they fit!

What they hold: Littlest Pet Shop, Barbies, houses and cars that go with them.

And in case you’re interested, here is the tutorial for the ruffle curtains.

So thanks for having me Adelina!  I hope I’ve given you all some good suggestions for taming kids’ rooms. What are your tips for keeping kids’ rooms organized?


9 thoughts on “Tips for an Inexpensive Kids Bedroom

  1. Nice!! What a great use of the space. I recently reorganized my kids' rooms and did very similar things. I like things in covered boxes where I don't have to look at all the toy clutter.

    I also think NEAT trumps DESIGNER any day of the week. Everything looks better and nicer when it's well organized.

  2. We are moving into a new house in a few months and I sooo need some of these ideas for my kid's rooms! The clutter that forms from their toys stresses me out so I love your storage ideas

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