Tips for Your Side Hustle to Stay Afloat

Have a Side Hustle? Avoid the overwhelm with these tips!

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These days it seems everyone has some kind of side hustle. Whether that be an extra job on the side of your full-time career or an extra job on the side of being a parent. If you’ve got a side hustle, and are feeling overwhelmed, these are my tips for you!

Have a Side Hustle? Avoid the overwhelm with these tips!

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Some days I stand back and look at my life and wonder just how I manage to fit it all in. Between mothering, being a good wife, and the many side hustles I’m running I just laugh – and sometimes I cry. The crying usually only comes when I forget to plan effectively and follow these tips for staying afloat with a side hustle. 

Tips for Your Side Hustle

Tips for your side hustle include starting the morning early and getting fully dressed. ad

Start The Morning Early

When you get up early, before the kids, and spend a little time on yourself you are better mentally prepared for your side hustle. Research shows that early risers anticipate problems sooner and can minimize their effects. When you’re running side hustles throughout your day, being able to see those problems before they hit can be key to staying afloat and feeling like quitting. Grab a cup of your favorite drink – hot cocoa here – a pen and paper, and spend the early hours preparing for your day. 

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Get Dressed for the Day

It can be so easy when you’re working from home to stay snuggled in those pajamas. After all, they’re warm and comfortable, and no one’s going to see you anyways right? By getting dressed every day you’re telling yourself it’s time to get to work. Getting dressed doesn’t mean you have to give up that comfortable feeling though. I love these Mantra Pant and Penelope Pullover from prAna. Giving me a sense of style while still feeling comfortable is key for my mental state when getting down to work. Nothing distracts more than clothes that are itchy or too tight. prAna makes their clothing from sustainable materials like Hemp and Organic Cotton – and they are super comfy!  


Change the Scenery

For most of us, our side hustle is spent in a home office. If our side hustle is the result of earning extra income on top of being a parent like mine, then chances of getting out of the house seem to be few and far between. Make it a point to change up your scenery. Head to your favorite cafe with wifi or the local library. Often the new scenery will inspire you and help get past any business blocks you’ve run into.  If you are already dressed for the day this will be even easier to do. The Mantra Pant despite being comfy with a stretchy waist, looks like business attire. So no matter where you wear them – at home or out – you’ll look professional.

Be Socially Responsible

Give back to your family, your community and the world when you can. A simple place to start is filling your closet with clothes that support fair trade and sustainable practices like prAna. This clothing line was built for the entrepreneur, as evidenced by their purpose to “pursue sustainable, traceable, and responsible action to protect our environment and inspire the adventurous spirit”. I believe all entrepreneurs and side hustlers are spurred on by that adventurous spirit.  Once your side hustle is going well consider donating to your favorite charity. It will make you feel good.

Clock Out

Running a side hustle usually means no set hours. You run your business in any spare moment you have. Don’t forget to clock out. I’m off the clock when the kids get home until they go to bed. I then take another 2 hours to work. I shut down before going to my room, and work stays out of the bedroom. Taking these breaks allows your mind the freedom to explore new ideas that can be put in place during the next day’s work hours.  

Do you have a side hustle? Tell me about it in the comments!


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25 thoughts on “Tips for Your Side Hustle to Stay Afloat

  1. Sometimes I KNOW I need a break and just have too much to do to walk away. Love your tips and I really do need to get out of the house more.

  2. I am totally with you. When I first started working for myself I would work so many hours. Now I give myself office hours and I do not touch the computer when I am close for the day.

  3. PrAna is such a great line of clothing stylish and socially responsible. I am guilty of not dressing up because i am working from home and not going out but it works for me.

  4. GREAT tips. I love the change of scenery idea. I work from home, and sometimes don’t leave for DAYS. I think I’ll start incorporating that in my daily routine! Thanks!

  5. These are all very good tips. I love the idea of changing up the scenery. I think that’s exactly what I need to do.

  6. Looks down at yoga pants… considers changing to something with a zip. Nope. Haha, love this post though, thank you!! As a freelancer, I had to find middle ground and get out of total pajamas, and make it more athleisure… as long as I have socks and shoes on, I’m ready, right?

    1. Oo girl! You are in for a treat with these then – no zipper! I can even go for my weekly runs in these pants – and still wear them “to work”.

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