Tis the season for Humidifiers

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Our week has been filled with raspy coughs and leaking noses. The cold weather always seems to bring it out in my kids. It’s hard not to love a face like this though.

Over the years we’ve avoided buying a humidifier. There was a time we went through 3 humidifiers in one winter, because they either broke, or just didn’t even work. Poor Prince L though, he’s really been suffering, and it’s effected his sleep, which in turn effects my sleep.  So I called up my mom and asked if we could borrow their humidifier for a couple of days.

Oh my word, I’m sold. I love this humidifier.

It’s not loud, and creates more of a white noise sound, it has a night light, and it WORKS!  
I am so THANKFUL my parents were able to let us borrow their humidifier this week. I don’t want to give back. 
I remember as a kid my mom pulling out our humidifier during cold weather, and our de-humidifier in the summer. Oh I hated them as a kid. One meant waking up feeling like I was sucked dry of every liquid in my body, and the other meant more running noses first thing in the morning. 
I’ve since learned to love them. When we moved to Utah, dry dry Utah, I really missed the humidity of the north east. I am so very very grateful for humidifiers in this climate, and with my kids colds. The comfort they now provide is priceless. 
I’ll leave you to browse the rest of today’s Thankful posts, while I head to Amazon and purchase my own Humidifiers, since I have to give my parents theirs back. 


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