To my Childhood and my Children #Compassionbloggers

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*This post is written as a part of Compassion Bloggers Blog Month. In an effort to raise awareness of child poverty, and sponsor children around the world that they can feel love and grow up without worrying about the basic necessities of life.*

As an adult I often look back to my childhood, and think of things I could have done differently, attitudes I should have changed, and experiences I wish I would have taken the opportunity to have. Hindsight is everything though. The following is a letter to my childhood self, but one that I hope will also help me while raising my own children

To Self – 
You have a good attitude, positive about everything and everyone around you. Don’t lose that. But look to yourself. Remind yourself every morning that you are just as important as those around you. It’s ok not to care too much what others think of you, but that shouldn’t stop you from caring for yourself.  Lift up your chin, and have a little more confidence. Confidence shines brighter to everyone around you than timidness. But it’s ok to be timid when trying new things as well. Don’t let that fear hold you back from a new experience. Listen to the adults around you, but take all their different advice to consideration and really weigh those pro’s and cons. Making a decision, especially one that involves money and an experience like traveling Europe, should be made with careful thought and overtime. 
Also talk to mom and dad. Ask more questions, and listen to their own experiences. No topic is taboo, and you’ll be glad you did. They will too.  
Finally, remember who you are a Child of God. Our Savior’s love abounds around you. Follow Him, look to those around you to share His gospel, and service. In other words, continue being you. Find more ways to serve, and make it a part of your life now. Watch Mom and remember the examples she set for you, with silent deeds of kindness, and no thought of herself. 
Your self

In an effort to follow my mom’s example and one I have set for myself to show my children, I look often for ways to serve. Through kind words and a smile, to sending anonymous gifts to friends in need. I have in turn also been served when we were in need, and gifts of love were left on our doorsteps.  Living in America we have many high tech gadgets, hunger is something we feel the 3-4 hours between breakfast lunch, and we satisfy with a snack. Food is found on every corner, and programs offering help in housing, heat, and food (life’s necessities) are available to those in need.

With all these available to us, it’s hard to imagine that somewhere out there, a child gets one small meal a day. Mothers are going hungry in favor of feeding their children. Fathers leave to find work and never come home, but rather send the money home to care for their families. But it’s out there. It happens. We can do something about it though!

Compassion is a beautiful charity I stumbled across one day that sponsors children in poverty around the world. They don’t just focus on their basic needs though, and that’s what I love about them. They focus on their spiritual needs as well. It’s about love. Loving a child you’ve never met, because they are a human being. They have the right to health, and also to love.

Will you consider Sponsoring a child?
It’s simple really. Just head over to Compassion, and search the database for a child that calls to you. You aren’t just sending money to these kids. No, you’ll get to write them letters, send photos if you want, and really get to know them, and let them know you. Because this world is a community. We are all human, and that connects us all. We may live far away, but love can be felt by everyone. Who knows you may give them the confidence and means to become a world leader, or even a community organizer that changes their area for the better. 
I hope you’ll take the time to browse Compassion’s site and see if there is an area you can help in. The smallest bit can make a world of difference!

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