Trapped bird

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What do you do when your house starts making strange noises? I was convinced we had burglar in our back yard this morning! I even got up the bravery to go check it out. After the noises continued through out the day I came to the conclusion they were coming from the wood burning stove.

Yep there was an animal in there alright! Before Mark got home, I bravely opened the doors to it, fully expecting to be mauled by an angry raccoon (I don’t even know if they live around here, lol). Thankfully for me nothing came out. So I left it for Mark, and then completely forgot to tell him when he got home, until he asked me if I knew there was an animal in the stove. I told him, that yes actually I did know, and it had been there all day.  So he got to work, and finally got that poor raccoon bird out.
Once he managed to get it out of the pipe, the bird decided to lodge itself behind this back piece of metal. It just couldn’t find it’s way out. Granted it had been there for a good 12 hours almost, I’d probably be disoriented too. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the birds flight out the open back door, but if I had, you’d have only seen a blur. It’s stories like these that start making our house more like a home.
Fly home birdie, fly home!

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