Trapping Fruit Flies An Accidental Discovery

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Fruit Flies – noun small annoying bugs, that infiltrate your kitchen when fresh fruit abounds.


About a month ago we had a pretty severe fruit fly problem. It was most likely because I was in the throes of canning.  Peaches, peach honey, tomatoes, applesauce and most recently apple pie filling. I came across a tip for trapping fruit flies on facebook. Just in time, I thought! So I put it to work.
saran wrap
You are supposed to pour some vinegar into the jar, and then cover it with plastic wrap. Poke a small hole in the saran wrap and then place near the fruit flies. The flies will find their way in, but not out…supposedly. And eventually die in the vinegar.
I tried it. It worked, but it also seemed to bring even more fruit flies. It wasn’t until I dumped the concotion of vinegar and dead flies, that the swarm calmed down.
This brings us to yesterday. Thanks to a mouse problem, I had to dump all our cereal. I hadn’t made it grocery shopping yet (still haven’t), so we opened a jar of peaches for breakfast. Between the 3 girls and myself, we can polish off one jar.  Normally I will either drink the peach juice left in the jar, or dump it down the sink. I don’t know why, but yesterday, I left the jar of sugary peach juice sitting on the counter. When I later saw it, guess what I found?


 yep! The fruit flies were obviously atracted to the peach juice/syrup. I went ahead and left it out the rest of the day and overnight.
The result? No live fruit flies in my kitchen this morning.
And that is how you accidentally discover something SIMPLE.

2 thoughts on “Trapping Fruit Flies An Accidental Discovery

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post about trapping fruit flies. I can’t believe you trapped them with peanut butter! I think that’s such a great idea! I’ve seen traps that use fruit juice but I think that would not work as well. It’s so interesting to see how you accidentally came up with this idea. Dental Veneers Willoughby

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