Tuesday Tip – Baby Food Jars

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Aah! It’s Tuesday night and I’m just getting around to this!  It’s been on my mind all day, I just haven’t been able to post. Our 1yo has been battling a stomach bug, so she’s been in my lap most of the day.  But on to my tip.

What do you do with grease after cooking? How long do you let it sit in your kitchen, before doing something with it.  I love greasy foods (mmm, bacon), but I never knew what to do with the grease. I knew I shouldn’t dump it down the sink, unless I wanted clogged drains.  So I started using empty glass jars and cans.  I did not like the cans, because they had no lid, and it still made a mess in the garbage bag.  Glass jars became my friend. I started saving every glass jar we emptied (spaghetti sauce, pickles, etc).  Then I started saving the baby food jars.  They became my new best friend.  You see with tall jars like the spaghetti jar, it would sit and sit and I’d keep adding more and more grease to it. It looked ugly though!  Baby food jars are the PERFECT size for storing grease.  One pan of bacon can pretty much fill those up.  Then you screw on the lid, wait for it to cool and toss it out.  Another amazing feature is the ability to hide them in your kitchen.  So if you only fill it halfway, and you want to add more grease to it later, you can easily just toss it behind some kitchen appliance so company won’t have to see it (you won’t either for that matter).

I hope you enjoyed this Tuesday Tip!

*If you have any household tips you’d like to share please email me at familyroom2@gmail.com I’d love to feature your tips!

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