Tuesday Tip – Cleaning Microfiber Couches

How to clean a Microfiber couch, or other microfiber furniture

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How to clean a Microfiber couch, or other microfiber furniture

Yes I know, it’s Wednesday. I haven’t lost complete track of days yet (or have I? calendars are brilliant inventions!).  I spent Monday and Tuesday morning testing out different cleaners on our Microfiber couch, so I could bring you this post. It took longer than I expected, but I got it done, and I’m here to let you in on some awesome tips!

If your kids are like normal kids, then your furniture probably starts to look something like this before you can even blink

Pen on Microfiber furniture? No more worries!


Pen on Microfiber couch? No more worries!

I can’t even believe looking at these pictures that I actually let it get this bad, and that I would actually have company over sitting on these! ahhh, bad housekeeper over here. Well I finally saw past my kids, and realized what had become of my sitting area. So off to work I went. I started with some cleaners I had in my cupboard.

EcoFresh Deodorizing Cleaner. It didn’t seem to be doing much. So I pulled out my – 1 time purchase from a door to door salesmanOriginal Lavender Advanage The Wonder Cleaner Super Concentrated.  The claim was that it gets grease stains out like magic!  Too bad it doesn’t take pen stains out of microfiber, because that would be a wonder.  Admittedly, it did lighten the pen, it just didn’t come all the way out.
My next method of attack was removing the covers from the seat cushions. I threw the covers in the wash on Heavy soiled, high spin, warm water.  YES! Ok, again the pen didn’t come out completely, but everything else did, and they look so much better!

Here is my #1 tip for Microfiber furniture – Buy pieces that have a zipper cover.  I wish the back cushions were removable for the same reason, but I guess I’ll just have to spot clean them.

After going through the wash here is what my couch now looks like
Isn’t she a beauty? No more dark marks all over it. Absolutely wonderful to sit on! And really the cushion with the pen isn’t nearly as noticeable.
So off to the arm and back cushions I went. I headed to pinterest for ideas.  The one “solution” I saw over and over again was Rubbing Alcohol. You take a white sponge (to avoid discoloration of your couch) and scrub the couch with rubbing alcohol. Again, the alcohol helped lighten the pen marks, but didn’t take them completely away. The rest of the arm looks nicer now though.
#2 Tip when cleaning Microfiber – if you can’t remove the cushions, do not spot treat. You will need to wet the whole cushion to avoid leaving water marks.  It’s more work, but it will be for nothing if you end up with large water marks all over your couch.
Good luck and Happy Cleaning!
Have any spring cleaning tips or ideas? I would love to test them out. Please contact me at familyroom2@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Cleaning Microfiber Couches

  1. do you have any tips for getting a 10+ year head stain out of a regular couch… we got ours passed down from my in-laws… needless to say you can tell where my MIL sat lol!!! Our little green bissell spot cleaner didn't do the trick either… maybe i should do it a couple times.

  2. When we had stubborn stains on our couch I used a professional upholstery cleaner and surprisingly, they got every last stain out. Seriously, my couch looks brand new!! I would highly recommend calling in the professionals when you had crazy stubborn stains.

  3. Before reading your blog, I never thought that Rubbing Alcohol would be able to clean this microfiber couch effectively, but it works. Thanks for recommending this method.

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