Tuesday Tip – Crayon on Walls

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Have you ever stopped and looked around your house, specifically at your walls, and went “WHOA!, what happened there?”  You suddenly find that just about every wall from 2 feet down is covered in crayon.
Yeah, that happened to me this week. I couldn’t believe I let it go that long. I’m sure I could blame it on the dining room remodel, being pregnant, trying to get kids to actually sleep at night, etc. But in reality, 5 minutes with each wall and I could’ve had them cleaned ages ago. We’ve all got 5 minutes!  Granted, if you’ve let yours go as long as mine, to get it all clean, may take your whole day. That’s the price of procrastination.
I recently read that WD-40 will remove crayon from walls. I had a can in the cleaning cupboard, so I figured I’d give it a try. The worst possible outcome would be that it did nothing.  To my joy, it actually worked. Sadly, it only takes off crayon; no pen, pencil, marker, or little dirty handprints.

Nice right! It even wiped off pretty easy. 
This here’s my favorite though
See if you look right near the top center to the left of the face, you’ll see CTR. CTR stands for Choose The Right. I’m so glad my kids thought to write CTR on the wall, they must be learning something, right?
As you can see, the crayon came off, the pencil stayed. I also learned that if the crayon is under something else, say like lotion smeared on the wall, the WD-40 will do nothing. Sigh.
If you know of any way to remove pencil, pen and marker, I’d sure love to hear it!

Leave me a comment with your best wall cleaning tips!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Crayon on Walls

  1. Awesome tip! I have a few places I could use that. 🙂

    Many markers and pens can be removed with rubbing alcohol, but it will also take off a bit of your paint with it.

    You might also try toothpaste and Mr. Clean magic erasers.

    Also, and this is crazy, once I was mopping the tile and kept going up the wall. It took the pencil right off.

  2. Wow, I would have never thought of wd40. Fortunately my daughter only ever tried that trick once.

    I do love Mr Clean magic erasers though. I can't seem to keep her from dragging whatever she's carrying against the wall. I'm constantly going around with a magic eraser trying to get rid of scuffs.

  3. Magic Erasers are my best friend! They get pen and pencil marks off pretty good. You might have to scrub it a little, but it works. Thanks for the tips…and the reminder that I need to clean my walls (I've procrastinated long enough myself). 🙂

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