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Today I want to motivate and inspire you! How long have you had your furniture arranged the way it is? Do you like the way it looks? Is it user friendly? Does it invite?  
My front room did not. I didn’t like the way the furniture was arranged. I rarely did anything in that room but let the kids run amok, and have visitors. The running amok and visitors didn’t mesh well either. Last week I decided to create a sitting area in our bay window. It is a part of our front room, but at the same time it is also separated from the front room. 
So I changed it. I fixed it to my liking! It’s actually something I will do quite frequently. I like change.  Some people though have a hard time with it. I’m here to tell you today, don’t be afraid of change. Change can be good and exciting!!  Let me show you.
This is what it used to look like. If you look to the right you’ll see where the front door is. It opens up against this room, kind of blocking it from view and separating it from the rest of the room.
This is what it looks like now~
It has made this room more warm and inviting. With the couch facing the rest of the room, it pulls both sides of the room together, despite the door in the middle.  
Last week I wrote about creating a sitting area in the bay window. I tried many different arrangements, and got  some good feedback. Here is what I decided to go with.
Although I too liked having both chairs here with the smaller table, you’ll noticed I left the second chair on the other side of the room. Together they pull things in and create the space I wanted. Although I may find an excuse to visit Ikea for a third matching chair. At which point I would be able to make the sitting area open for two. 
Now see? Don’t you want to go rearrange your furniture? Don’t be afraid. Take a look at your room. Grab some pencils and paper. Make some sketches of what you imagine. Try different arrangements. Once you get started, I’m sure you’ll find a simple furniture rearranging satisfying and mood lifting. 
I should probably mention as well, that I did all of this while Mark was at work. I wasn’t sure how much he would like the new arrangement, so I figured it would be better to do it, and then change it again if needed, then to just leave it alone. Turns out, Mark likes it a lot. He was really impressed, and told me it was a whole lot better than what we had before. 
Ta Da! Change is good for everyone!

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