Tuesday Tip – Teaching children

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Welcome to Tuesday Tips!
Every Tuesday I try to bring you my readers a tip to help make your house into a home. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own, where you live should feel like a home.
Today I want to share a fellow bloggers post. While I was browsing the blog world, I visited

Raising Homemakers
As a mother of 3 Princesses I really appreciate much of the insight found on Raising Homemakers. However, one post today I just knew I had to share here. It was too good not to spread around.  So please, go read A Girls First Domestic Domain.
It is inspirational! The point of this article is to show us how we can begin teaching our daughters how to make their future house into a home. I just love it. I’m especially in love with the binders she made her daughters. One for homemaking – things they could potentially use in their future home, and one for Things I like – just a place to keep the love alive, but not cluttered on the bedroom walls. Since we are remodeling our basement, and the Princesses will eventually be sharing a room, I plan on creating some binders for them.
Really I insist, you must go read this article. I even had a friend tell me she was going to use some of the same ideas for her son. So don’t think you mom’s of boys can benefit here, you can! I’d love to hear your thoughts on A Girl’s First Domestic Domain.

This will be a weekly link up. I’d love to read about what you do to make your house a home!

One thought on “Tuesday Tip – Teaching children”

  1. A woman and her passive, submissive husband take their young children into a buffet restaurant with a bag to place under the table where all participated in filling with bacon for their breakfast the following day.
    Then they wonder why they have to pick the kid up at the store for shoplifting.

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