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Welcome to Tuesday Tips!!
Let’s talk laundry – the never ending chore.  At least that’s how it’s always felt to me. Today I suggest you pick one day of the week. Don’t plan anything, don’t go anywhere. Each week make this day laundry day.  For me it’s monday.  I actually just learned this yesterday, but already I’m feeling the benefits of it. I spent the whole day yesterday washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry.  I have 2 loads left today that just need folded and put away, but than it’s DONE!!! I feel so free right now to focus my energies on running errands, and taking kids to and from school. I won’t forget that load I put in in the morning, because I didn’t have to put one in! 
If needed I will still do a load here and there during the week, but next Monday I will be ready again to spend my day doing laundry, and perhaps there won’t be as much piled up (depending on how dirty kids get). 
Another benefit to claiming one day as laundry day, is that while the laundry is washing and drying, you can spend some time doing something you enjoy. Reading a book, sewing, crafting, or playing with your kids. I did a bit of all of the above yesterday. Those are things I also normally never get to, because I’m running between one thing and another.  My kids seemed especially well behaved yesterday, and I believe it was because I was able to give them my attention more fully between loads.
So let’s hear it – What are your laundry tips? How do you stay on top of your laundry before you become buried?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Laundry

  1. Funny how Monday seems to be the designated day for laundry! I actually just decided this week(before I read your post) that one day of laundry would be enough. Although I tend to drag it out by procrastinating on the folding part. But If I do "forget" I will start with the last load in the dryer and fluff them for 10-15 mins and when they're finished and while I'm folding those, I fluff another load until it's all finished.

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