Tuesday Tip – Light Switches

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It’s the little things that matter.  We’ve all heard that saying.  What could be smaller in the home than the lightswitches? They’re just a button on a wall, hardly worth noticing unless you need to turn the light on or off.  When we moved into our home, one of the first things I noticed was we had different light switches in each room.  No biggy really, but I thought it was pretty funny that the previous owners did change all the light switches.  I do think it will make a difference in our home if they are all the same though. It will just add that feeling of unity as we move from downstairs to upstairs, and one room to the next. 
So of course this week Mark has asked me to switch the old switches to the newer kind. Of course I was thrilled he asked me to take this on, because I’ve been itching for a house project to do.  Mark went through the house last night, and made a count – 5 upstairs and 4 downstairs need to make the switch (pun intended), from old flip switch to the cool flatter ones.  I’m hoping it’s a simple fix, because I really don’t know much about electrical work!

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  1. Make sure you turn off the electricity before you try to change the switches!!!! Those shocks really hurt! That's the most important thing to know about the electricity – that and "don't stand in water when working with electricity."

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