Tuesday Tip – moving

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I know, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tuesday Tip.  I started them, and then got so busy with house hunting and moving, that I just never got back to them.  So todays tip

When you’re moving, do it all in one day!  I’m so serious, the longer you take moving your stuff the longer it will take to feel like you are home.  We had the whole month of April to move in, and we took the WHOLE month of April.  I was at the apartment for a couple hours Saturday (the 30th!) trying to get it all clean to avoid any extra charges.

Another problem with the slow moving, is that regular life still goes on.  You still have to cook meals, clean bathrooms and floors, and make sure the children get the attention they need and deserve.  So you don’t have time to slowly unpack all the boxes.  If you do it all in one day, you normally have someone else there to help watch children, you grab some takeout, and you get it all moved and unpacked quickly. 
If I had a good working camera, I might have shared a picture for motivation. As it is you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Move in one day (maybe two), but don’t spread it out, you’ll regret it. 

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