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This is going to be fun!  Every tuesday I want to start sharing household tips.  Whether it be cleaning, organizing, or exercising.  I was sitting around during the week, just thinking about life in general.  That happens periodically.  When the thought came to me…vacuum the kitchen!  Now before you think I’m crazy, I don’t mean the whole kitchen.  There are vacuum’s out there that have a hard surface setting, and work great.  My vacuum actually has that setting, but I’ve only used in a quick pinch and usually just over the edge of the carpet.  So here is where my tip comes in.  What’s the hardest place you find to clean on your kitchen floor?  For me it is between the fridge and the counter and the corners under the cupboards.  
I always think I’ve swept it good enough, but then I mop and my rag comes out covered in crumbs.  I hate crumbs on my mopping rag!  From now on, I will always run the vacuum hose into the corner before mopping.  It makes so much sense, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!  I’d love to hear any tips you have!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips

  1. I always use my dust brush attachment up under the cabinets and alongside the fridge or washer and dryer. It sweeps things all up and then sucks them into the vacuum at the same time, so I truly don't miss a thing. I also enlist my daughters, ages 8 and 6, to get down there with a spray bottle and microfiber rag before I steam mop. They are just the perfect size (and eager to boot) to get down there and give those crannies a proper scrub!

  2. @Burrowing In, thanks for the tip! The brush attachment always seems to fall off..or end up a toy for the kids. I'll have to try that out. And my kids are the perfect size too, they've just received a new chore 🙂

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