Tuesday Tips – The Amazing Bread Slice

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Welcome to Tuesday Tips!
Have you ever taken a good hard look at your bread? Wonder what you can do with it other than eat it? No? Or do you throw away the heel because no one in your family likes it, especially the kids?
Ok, I know kind of random questions there, I mean who really wonders what they can do with food besides eat it. Bread is pretty amazing though!
For instance, if I place a slice of bread in a container of brown sugar, my brown sugar will stay soft! I hate going to use brown sugar (especially during this baking season) and find that I have to pull out a pick ax to get a few grains. 
While browsing pinterest I came across another way to use a slice of bread!

If you bake a cake the night before you want to use it, and leave it on the counter overnight. You probably worry about it going stale. If you just put a slice of bread on top of it, it will keep the staleness away.  Apparently it works on muffins and cupcakes too, but I’m guessing you’d need to use a couple slices to cover a whole batch of those.
I haven’t tried this yet, but I just bought some round cake pans from pampered chef, so a cake is in our near future. The science behind it though, makes perfect sense to me. The cake, like the brown sugar, draws on the moisture from the bread. I don’t recommend eating the bread after using it for these tips, as it will be stale! It would probably make some great French Toast though!
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