Tuesday Tips – Cleaning the Vents

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Last night Mark went to the store and bought some new filters for the heater. We’ve lived in this home for 9 months, and hadn’t bothered to check the filters since moving in.  After doing a little research, I find there is a disagreement on how often the furnace filters should be changed.  Some say every month, some every 3 months, and some every 6 months. I personally was thinking that every 6 months is the norm, and so was Mark. This also probably depends on how old your furnace is and how often you use it.  Our plan is to change it every 6 months, but we’ll probably check them every couple of months to make sure they are not clogged.
Now on to today’s tip. Don’t you hate it when your vents are all covered in dust? I know I do. I like to take the brush attachment on my vaccuum and go over the vents as I vaccuum. This can get pretty tedious every time I vaccuum though, and when the Princesses play with the attachments, I don’t always know where the brush part is.
Instead of vaccuuming them, use Car Wax! I found this once again by browsing pinterest.  To read a full tutorial on how to clean your vents with car wax, visit Ask Anna. 
Basically though, you want to wash your vents, let them dry, and then apply the car wax.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy sparkly clean vents!
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