Tuesday Tips – Paint

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Welcome to Another Tuesday Tip!
When choosing paint think about the size of the room first. Our basement is all ready to be painted, so last week Mark and I went to Lowe’s to choose some paint. The ceilings in the basement are low, and there is no window in the main area. So we knew we wanted a lighter color. It will also be the kids play area, so we wanted a calming color as well. We took a look at some blues and greens, and found a good in between mix. We actually went home with 3 paint chips to compare before making our decision.
Next we had to pick out flooring. Boy was I glad we had those paint chips! When comparing the paint to the flooring samples, there were very few that Mark and I thought looked good together. One however, stuck out as looking the best, and we were out of the flooring store within 15 minutes!
Without the paint chips, we probably would have been there much longer trying to figure out what we wanted. We ended up choosing a dark floor, despite being a small room. When comparing the paint to the floor, it just felt right. It felt light and breezy, and I just knew it would look good.
I can’t wait to finish painting, and get the flooring in to show you what I mean!

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