Tuesday Tips – Quiet Time

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I was thinking today how I really enjoy some quiet time.  Especially since my children seemed to be non stop screaming today, and my head hurt.  How do you find some quiet time for you? Is there a time that you set aside to just sit and ponder?

For me I find the best time is early in the morning before anyone else is up.  I used to be a morning person, getting up before the sun, to just have that time to myself.  Listening to the birds wake up and begin singing, and watching the sun come up.  It’s such a pleasant time.  Having three kids, that started to change, I reveled in my sleep, and didn’t get up until the kids got up.  I am slowly starting to change that though.  I want to be a morning person still.  For me, the morning should start right with a little pondering on the day and reading my scriptures.  I personally have a better attitude and more patience with my kids when I follow this routine.  I become less lazy and more gets done around the home.  So watch out, I’ll be getting up early from now on!!

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