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As I “meet” people online, I am continually surprised by the number of people who dislike Valentines day. I’ve heard it called a pointless holiday. I’d like to try and change that thinking.  Use today to bring Love back into your home.

Now granted, I am a romantic. I love showing and receiving love. Do we need a special holiday just to show our special someone we care? As women do we need a special holiday to feel loved? I hope not. BUT by putting aside one day of the year to spread some extra love, we can do great things.
Today I’d like to challenge you to go above and beyond to show your family, co-workers, and friends that you care. It will make their day, and I will be surprised if it doesn’t put a smile on your own face as well.
Over the weekend, I was starting to fall into a little depression. Nothing severe, but I just wasn’t as happy as I usually feel I am. I’m a positive person, I like to see the glass overflowing, but I hit a funk. We all do at some point. So today, I woke up and made a conscious decision to get out of it (those who suffer depression on a deeper level, I know that’s not as easy for you. I do understand and I hope you can get something from my words today as well).
I actually had a pretty awful night, between a massive headache that felt like either a sledgehammer hit the insides of my brain, or a bomb went off in there, and an almost 2-year-old who just needed some mommy love all night long, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I could have gotten up this morning, and complained to Mark (OK I did a little), or even just stayed in bed, but instead, I got up early put a smile on. I actually got to sit down and eat breakfast with Mark. A very rare occasion indeed.
Today, I plan on letting the kids get messy. We’ll pull out paints, maybe have a bubble bath. Do some more crafts, and enjoy the day. If they want to do something today, I plan on saying YES (within safety reasons). 
We’re also going to make a special candy bar card for Mark, and deliver it during his lunch. We’ll even stay and eat lunch with him! It’s not something we ever do because it just doesn’t fit that great into my schedule. Today, though, I’m going above and beyond. I’ll go a little out of my way, to let Mark know I love him. 
I also plan on making this yummy Cocoa Creme Brulee. Mark loves creme brulee. I hardly ever make it because it takes a fair portion of time, time that I don’t always feel like I have. Today, though, I will make the time.  (hopefully, Mark does not read this blog today!)
We all show our love in different ways. Some may be romantic throughout the year. But I think the majority of us easily get caught up in the day to day tasks to really focus on those around us. To me, that is why Valentines Day is not a pointless holiday. It’s a good reminder to step back from our daily grind and show a little extra love to those around us.  Celebrating a day like today, can bring peace, joy, and love back into your home. Make today count!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Valentines Day

  1. As someone who thinks Valentine's is not the most meaningful holiday, I'll tellyou why. I too am a romantic, I love giving and recieving anything with meaning. For me, a gift or tought forced to be given to me because of a holiday is not as meaningful as the gift or thought given to me any other day. We strive to do things and show our love on a regular basis. The surprise of it is more meaningful to us and keeps our relationship stronger than this one day a year. We make valentine's about the kids and celebrate with them and share with others.

    Everyone views things differently and I don't want my opinion to upset anyone. It's just a point of view as to why people may not like the holiday.

    1. I do respect your opinion Elizabeth, but you're doing what I suggest. You're making the holiday about your love for your kids! Showing them extra love on a fun holiday. I don't think it should be a forced gift, but a day to help remind everyone to step back from themselves and once again focus on our relationships with others.

  2. Glad to hear that there are still some romantics in the world. I never have been one, but I do love chocolate, so any holiday that involves chocolate I'm all for! (PS: love your candy letter)

  3. i love that card- so so cute!!! hope you have a day full of "extra" love, as our days are surely all filled with love for our families!There's nothing wrong with taking a day to celebrate it even more & in fun ways! Enjoy!

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