Cleaning the Laundry Cup #TuesdayTips

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Tuesday Tips!
Do you use liquid laundry soap? How about those clever containers that have a spout and cup?  It’s what I use. I love the easy convenience of pressing a button to get the soap. I do not like how horribly messy and sticky the cup gets, and the waste of soap left in the cup.

 A couple weeks ago my mother in law was visiting. I told her about my problem with the cup, and she said “Just toss it in the wash”. Really? I had thought of this before, but I was sure it would melt the cup, or break it into tiny pieces. Plastic just does not go in the washing machine. Well, with everything, I took her advice under consideration, and tossed it into the wash.

It worked. The clothes get the extra soap from the cup, thereby not wasting it, and the cup gets clean.
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15 thoughts on “Cleaning the Laundry Cup #TuesdayTips

  1. Another idea is to rinse it out each time you use it by turning on the washing machine and using the water as it fills up. You get to use the extra soap then too. Then you can keep the cap on the detergent without making it all sticky. Then if the detergent leaks at all it leaks into the cap too.

  2. Love the tips! We use a front loader washing machine, so it might be different, but last time we had to call a repairman he actually advised the same thing about detergent. He said most people (following the instructions on the container) use WAY too much laundry detergent.Curtain shop

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