Behind the Orchard at Tuttle Orchards

Visit Tuttle Orchards in Central Indiana.

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During September Lincoln and I had the chance to take a tour at Tuttle Orchards in Greenfield, Indiana. It was a nice relaxing day, just what I needed that month. 

Visit Tuttle Orchards in Central Indiana.

Tuttle Orchards has been growing apples for 88 years, and currently has over 23 varieties of delicious apples! That’s a long time to be in business and can only mean one thing to me – at Tuttle’s they know what they’re doing. The farm has been in the family for 4 generations, which meant we got a tour from Ruth – a 4th generation Tuttle. 

I grew up going to apple orchards every fall for apples. My favorite part of those trips was always the cider. So I was extremely thrilled when Ruth showed us where they make the cider. Since we visited in the early season, they were still prepping the machinery for apple cider production. Once they get started though, Tuttle’s will make approximately 1000 Gallons of Cider a day!

Apple Cider at Tuttle Orchards is delicious!


After the apples are juiced for cider, the pulp is given to local hog farmers and is also used for fertilizer. Color me happy! I hate waste especially when it can serve another purpose, so knowing Tuttle Orchards makes sure to use every portion of the apples makes me love them even more. 

During World War 2, Tuttle’s chose to stop the Dairy farm portion and focus solely on produce. The old dairy barn now houses the Farm Store where you can purchase bags of apples, apple cider, produce and locally sourced meat.

Visit the Farm Store at Tuttle Orchards.

Tuttle Orchards is open year round, though activities like Apple Picking are only open seasonally. The Sweet Shop will be open to November serving up delicious treats like Pumpkin and Apple Donuts, and Apple Cider Slush. 

If you’re looking to get fresh produce year round, Tuttle offers a Tote Program throughout the winter. Using high tunnels, Tuttle Orchards is able to grow all winter long and wants to share that produce with you. They have a long season and a short season depending on your budget and when you want to receive the box. 

Win a family of 4 pack to Tuttle Orchards.


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