Our Urban Adventure Quest in Indianapolis

Gather your family and friends for an urban adventure quest in Indianapolis.

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Have you ever wanted to go on a self-guided walking tour that’s also a scavenger hunt? If the answer is yes, then Urban Adventure Quest is for you! I received a complimentary Urban Adventure Quest in exchange for this post. 

Take a self-guided tour of Indianapolis on this Urban Adventure Quest! ad

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Urban Adventure Quest is like a real-life Amazing Race, mixed with a 3-hour walking tour of your city. And by your city, I mean they have over 60 locations including Hawaii!

Seeing as how we live on the north side of Indianapolis, obviously we chose the Indianapolis urban adventure. The first part I loved, was that I could sign us up for an urban adventure, but we could go on it whenever we were ready. After sign up you receive a log-in, so when you’re ready to play you just have to log in to your urban adventure and push start!

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Take a self-guided tour of Indianapolis on this Urban Adventure Quest! ad

Did you know?! Indianapolis devotes more acreage to honoring the nations fallen than any other U.S. city and falls just short of being the leader in war memorials – D.C having the most. I had no idea until this family adventure. 

We started our Urban Adventure Quest at the City Library, moved along a walkway to visit the many war memorials, made our way to the capitol building where we attempted to see inside but forgot someone carries a pocketknife on their keychain so we were turned away…oops…next time. We enjoyed a walk along the canal, a stop by the Indiana State Museum (a place I highly recommend checking out), and took a break along the quest for both donuts from Jack’s and restrooms in the State Police Headquarters. 

Take a self-guided tour of Indianapolis on this Urban Adventure Quest! ad

Urban Adventure Quest Tips – Indianapolis

Is it family friendly? Absolutely! We took all 5 of the kids, and although they did get tired, and hungry, and thirsty, they were able to help solve almost all of the clues. 

Is it stroller/wheelchair friendly? Unfortunately, no. As you can see in our pictures we did take our jogging stroller along for the youngest, and to carry our snacks. However, there were a lot of stairs, and very rarely were there any accessible ramps at these locations. We found ourselves carrying the stroller quite a bit. 

What about parking? We parked right in front of the city library, in some metered parking. Make sure you pay for plenty of time to complete your quest because you will not want to hike it back and pay then get back to your quest. Better yet, download the mobile parking meter app, and pay as you go if need be. Don’t be like us and receive a parking violation (the kids were pretty torn apart by this).

How long does it take? That all depends on you. It took us, with 5 kids mind you, 2hours 50minutes. If you check the Leaderboard for Indianapolis, you will find us at the #2 spot for the last 30 days, and the #8 spot for all time. While here, you can also check out how long it took others to complete.

Will I learn anything new? Unless you’ve visited every single monument and statue downtown, I’d say yes. Even then, the Urban Adventure Quest makes sure to add in general knowledge. We learned about ciphers, astrology, and funny last names. 

Take a self-guided tour of Indianapolis on this Urban Adventure Quest! ad

We were all completely exhausted at the end of our quest, but every step was so worth it. While driving back home, I added a new item to my bucket list of 100 dreams – complete an urban adventure quest in every city I possibly can!

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