Valentines Day

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I know it’s been awhile since posting, and this one is a bit late.  But I wanted to share our Valentines decorations with you.  They were so simple and quick to create!

I got this awesome free printable from eighteen25.  Eventually mine will be framed nicely like theirs, but for our  simple needs this year, I used some craft glue and recycled a cardboard box.  The hearts we painted a couple years with the girls, one is missing because it got colored on with pen.  
Then with the girls help we cut out some hearts, and strung them on some pink heart ribbon and hung it in the hall. 
We had a really fun valentines day with lots of yummy food.
Heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
 Cream cheese stuffed strawberries for dessert
And the husband and I ended the night with Sparkling Cider, bread and cheese.
Every year the hubby buys his girls flowers.  I love that we have 3 sweet little girls for him to show his love to, along with me!
Mine are the yellow roses.  The girls got the lilies.
For my knight in shining armor we got him all his favorites.  Starting with favorite dinner – meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots (cut like hearts!).  Here’s the rest of his favorites
Mini pepsi’s to fit in his work fridge, Reeses Peanut Butter cups, a movie, and chalkboard paint. Ok chalkboard paint doesn’t really fit in the favorites theme, but it was something he wanted.  I told him it would have to wait, because it wasn’t needed and we’re trying to buy a home.  Well, wasn’t he nicely surprised!

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