Wallpaper Stripping (WW)

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2 Days of Stripping Wallpaper, and I’ve got almost 1 wall down. We had some friends come by last night to help, which was wonderful! The plan (hope) is to have the wallpaper/paint off the walls by saturday so we can start the painting process.
Being pregnant, we’re trying to find ways that I can help safely.  Instead of getting heavy duty wallpaper stripper, I’m using equal parts mix of white vinegar and water.  Spray it on, and start scraping!

One thought on “Wallpaper Stripping (WW)”

  1. Oh I feel for you! Stripping wallpaper is a real poop of a job. I once helped some people strip and the house had been smoked in and then sat empty. When you sprayed water onto the paper it ran BROWN from all the nicotine soaked into the paper.
    Good luck to you! You will get there! 🙂

    (Stopping by from the class members list at Blogelina, I'm in her current class along with you)!

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