Weekend Bites #7 Childhood Memories

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Weekend Bites
Weekend Bites

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There was something in the air this morning. I drove the kids to school, though we normally walk, and as I drove away I thought how much I missed being a kid. Riding the bus to school, playing on the playground and then sitting at a desk soaking up information surrounded by friends. 
Perhaps it was the cloudy skies, the 40 degree weather, and bare trees – but it reminded me of “home”. New Hampshire. So then as I’m going through your links from last week I can’t help but be drawn to these recipes that remind me once again of my childhood. 

from Sweet Caroline’s Corner
This right here – I don’t recall EVER having broccoli without cheese sauce. Normally our broccoli was steamed and we’d pour that delicious gold over the top. YUM!

also from Sweet Caroline’s Corner
I think Sweet Caroline was channeling my childhood this week or something. But really now, this looks so much better then our steamed Brussel Sprouts. I think I may have been the only 8 year old who liked, and I mean really liked Brussel Sprouts! I should make them more often.

Rainbow Veggies Pizzas
from Belle of the Kitchen
My childhood was full of fun and healthy eating in the kitchen. This is something I could see my mom having come up with to let us make. 

Thanks so much gals for taking me down a food memory today!
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Weekend Bites
Weekend Bites

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