We’re going on Vacation and I’m bringing…

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Ever play that road trip game? I’m going on vacation and I’m bringing an..Apple! Then the next person says something that starts with the letter B, and repeats the letter a. So on until you get to the letter z and you have to remember all 26 items that have been said.

Princess V packing for the trip. She is such a little fashionista.

I have some fun memories of going on vacation it’s my family. So when we had the opportunity to go with Mark to an interview, I thought it would be a lot of fun! Boy, was I mistaken in how easy I thought it would be. Within the first 3 hours, 2 of the princesses had thrown up. I’m guessing car sickness brought on by too much sugar and lack of sleep.
I digress from my real intent of sharing this post with you, though. I wanted to tell you about how even while staying in a hotel, you can make it a home. I was lucky enough to have a friend who had lived in Spokane. So she told me about the hotels. We were able to get a 2 room suite for an amazing deal! Full kitchen included!
Having 2 rooms has really given us the gift of sanity after our 15 hour car drive. The
Princesses shared one queen bed together, while Mark and I had a bed in a separate room with Lincoln. This really helped when Lincoln woke in the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep. The separate space allowed the girls to continue sleeping through his midnight play.
When planning the trip we decided to bring the princesses pillow pets. It’s what they sleep with at home, so it provided a comforting object in a strange place. Thank goodness for hotels with on site laundry services though, since one pillow had been the victim of car sickness.
To save money we brought a lot of food with us. 2 coolers actually. 1 was solely for drinks, and the other for food. When we got to the hotel the first thing the Princesses wanted to do was stock the fridge. They opened thse coolers and got everything put away. It was so fun to see them working together on a chore, and one so similar to putting the groceries away at home.
So despite the craziness if taking 4 kids on a 15 hour car ride in one day, holing them up in a hotel room for 7 hours, and no regular naps for the baby, it’s still been a lot of fun. We’ve made some memories that I hope the kids remember.
We were planning in making our return trip last 2 days, but Mark got anther interview a little closer to home, so we’re getting ready for another 15 hour car ride in one day. Wish us luck!
I think I just might try and teach the kids the trip game. Or the alphabet game, since they know all their letters. Perhaps we’ll just play a bunch of I spy with my little eye. Of course 20 questions is always fun too. Maybe we’ll get lucky though and they’ll just decide to sleep the whole way.

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